Amsonic - Industrial Cleaning

Amsonic - industrial and medical ultrasonic parts cleaning

Amsonic is a leader in development, manufacture and sales of precision cleaning lines for various areas.

  • Medical precision cleaning systems
  • Precision cleaning in the watch, coating, optics and precision engineering
  • Industrial precision parts cleaning

Amsonic dominates various aqueous and solvent based cleaning technologies such as the ultrasonic cleaning, immersion and spray cleaning or vapor degreasing processes in closed hydrocarbon systems. Cleaning technologies are also offered based on liquid or supercritical CO2.

Amsonic integrates into the machine concepts further surface treatement technologies, such as the passivation, anodizing or microbiological cleaning by means of plasma.

Thanks to our laboratories in Switzerland and France, optimized and oriented cleaning solutions can be offered to our customers.

Industrie Lyon 2018

5.- 8.March 2019
Lyon (France
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