PreciClean P94

Amsonic PreciClean P94 has been especially developed for removing residues of polishing paste on metals. It is suitable for the application in ultrasonic as well as in spray cleaning systems. Amsonic PreciClean P94 also reliably removes stubborn greases and oils.



Amsonic PreciClean P94 has good properties in removing residues of polishing compounds, greases and oils. Due to the use of special corrosion inhibitors, it is compatible with most metals.

Amsonic PreciClean P94 is a low foaming concentrate and therefore, it can be used in spray cleaning systems.


Alkalis, complexing agents, sequestering agents, surfactants


The optimal dosage mainly depends on the hardness of the water and the stubbornness of contamination. The use of demineralised water considerably improves the cleaning properties and reduces the consumption of the cleaning agent.

The recommended concentration for use is:
Ultrasonic cleaning
Dosage: 2-5%
Temperature: 60-80 °C
Exposure time: 1-5 min.

Spray cleaning
Dosage: 0.2-2%
Temperature: 60-80 °C
Exposure time: 1-5 min.


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