PreciClean P86

Amsonic PreciClean P86 is an alkaline builder component that is used in combination with Amsonic PreciClean P43.

The two-component mixture reliably removes cutting oils and protecting oils as well as residues from storage prior to PVD and CVD coating.



Amsonic PreciClean P86 is optimally matched for use in combination with Amsonic PreciClean P43. The product is free of hard complexing agents and effectively prevents the washing out of cobalt. In addition, the product has excellent rinsing properties. This creates optimum conditions for subsequent coating processes.

In combination with Amsonic PreciClean P43, the basis of the alkalis used in the product has a demulsifying effect on most of the cutting and protecting oils removed. The working lifetime of the bath is thereby considerably increased. Furthermore, the product can be microfiltered, and additional quantities can be added separately at later stages depending on the usage.


Alkalis, sequestering agent, corrosion inhibitor


The recommended concentration for use is:

Ultrasonic cleaning
Dosage: 2-5%
Temperature: 50-80 °C
Exposeure time: 2-5 min.

Spray cleaning
Dosage: 0.3-3%
Temperature: 50-80 °C
Exposure time: 2-5 min.

Information on use

Amsonic PreciClean P86 can be microfiltered.


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