PreciClean P83

Amsonic PreciClean P83 is a liquid, alkaline cleaning concentrate to remove synthetic resin (e.g. polyvinyl acetate) and other polymeric adhesives.



Amsonic PreciClean P83 has excellent emulsifying capabilities and particles of resin are completely removed because of its good wetting performances.

The partially chemical dissolving and the emulsifying of the resin, prevents a redeposition of the removed resin on the surface. Consequently, the solution?s life time and efficacy will be extended.


Alkalis, complexing agents, solvent, solubiliser, wetting agent


It is recommended, to carry out your own cleaning tests in order to optimise temperature, concentration and exposure time.

The recommended concentration for use is:
Dosage: 20-50%
Temperature: 50-70 °C
Exposure time: 5-15 min.

The cleaning in ultrasonic systems is recommended and accelerates the cleaning and separation process considerably.

A periodical replacement of the solution is necessary, depending on the intensity of use and on the amount of soils removed.


PreciClean P83 (360 KB)