PreciClean P74

Amsonic PreciClean P74 is a liquid, mildly alkaline cleaning concentrate for the removal of cutting oils, corrosion protecting oils, oil emulsions as well as residues of polishing compounds, especially on corrosion-sensitive metals. Amsonic PreciClean P74 can also be used in combination with other alkaline products. Suitable for both precleaning and final cleaning.



Amsonic PreciClean P74 was specially developed for degreasing and removing polishing pastes from corrosion-sensitive metals.

Due to its surfactants, Amsonic PreciClean P74 has outstanding degreasing properties and effectively removes polishing paste residues of all types. The product’s integrated tempo-
rary corrosion inhibitor prevents corrosion on metal surfaces during rinsing.

Amsonic PreciClean P74 has a rather demulsifying effect on removed oils and greases.


Alkalis, surfactants, corrosion inhibitor.


Amsonic PreciClean P74 must be used with reverse osmosis (RO) or DI water. In practice, the following dosage has achieved good results:

Dosage: 2-5%
Temperature: 50-70%
Exposure time: 3-10 min.


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