PreciClean P40

Amsonic PreciClean P40 is used undiluted in the pre-cleaning step of precision optical components.



Amsonic PreciClean P40 effectively removes protective lacquer, putties, resins, and pitches from precision optical components like prisms and precision optical lenses in the pre-cleaning step.

Due to excellent wetting properties and small ultrasonic absorption, the undiluted product guarantees a rapid, thorough removing of strongly adhering contaminations.

PreciClean P40 has got good emulsifying properties for removed contaminations; this consequently increases the bath lifetime considerably.

The formulation is N-methylpyrrolidon-free.

For final cleaning we recommend to use Amsonic PreciClean P47.


Solvent  (No NMP)


In practice, the following dosage has given good results:
Dosage: 100%
Temperature: 20-45°C
Exposure time: 3-10 min.

We recommend using the product in thermo stated ultrasonic baths with vapour exhaustion. The temperature of the bath should not exceed 60 °C. (Alll)


PreciClean P40 (358 KB)