PreciClean P27

Amsonic PreciClean P27 is a liquid, mildly acidic cleaning concentrate. It is particularly used after cleaning organic and mineral ophthalmic lenses with alkaline detergents.

Amsonic PreciClean P27 helps to neutralize traces of alkalis before lenses are rinsed in demineralised water. Due to its mildly acidic pH value of about 4,0, Amsonic PreciClean P27 can be used to treat acid sensitive bifocal lenses.



Amsonic PreciClean P27 has an excellent wetting property for organic and mineral ophthalmic lenses. Due to its strong buffering capacity, traces of alkaline residues are completely neutralized. This is particularly important if no intermediate tap water rinsing is done after alkaline cleaning. The ingredients of Amsonic PreciClean P27 enable a rapid and complete rinsing during the following rinsing process.

Amsonic PreciClean P27 is applicable for prior to inspection as well as for prior to coating cleanings.


Acids, surfactant compounds, wetting agent, buffer compounds


In practice, the following dosage has given good results:
Dosage: 1-5%
Temperature: 40-60 °C
Exposure time: 2-5 min.


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