PreciClean P19

Amsonic PreciClean P19 is used as a neutralisation agent following the use of an alkaline cleaning agent. Also used as a cleaning agent for the acidic pre-wash during the mechanical cleaning of surgical instruments, stainless steel transport trolleys and laboratory glassware in hospitals and laboratories. Also used for the mechanical cleaning of animal cages used to keep animals for experimental purposes.



Amsonic PreciClean P19 is free from surfactants and is easy to rinse away; it acts as a cleaning agent for acid-soluble residues such as lime and urine deposits and it also neutralises alkaline cleaning agent residues.

Attention must be paid to the acid resistance of the items to be rinsed, the machine, the outflow pipes and any waste water raising systems which might be present; Eternit and cast-iron pipes are not suitable.


Ingredients according to recommendation 89/542/EEC for detergents: 15-30% inorganic phosphorus (from phosphoric acid)


The recommended concentration for use is:

As neutralizer
Dosage: 0.1-0,2%
Temperature: 10-50°C
Exposure time: 1-2 min

Comme nettoyage acide
Dosage: 0.2-0,5%
Temperature: 50-80 °C
Exposure time: 3-5 min

The cleaning goods, the machine and the waste water pipes have to be resistant to acid. The use of demineralised water consid-erably improves the cleaning properties and reduces the consumption of the cleaning agent.

We recommend to:
  • prevent rinsing shades
  • use deionised water for the final rinsing to avoid the building up of silicate layers on the cleaning goods and the inner walls of the machine.


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