Hamo 200-G

Automatic Washer for Cleaning, Disinfecting and Drying

Highest Demands for Cleaning and Drying in various industries


Execution of the wash chamber and tubing

  • Hamo 200-G use only best tested material
  • Chamber is fabricated in stainless steel 304L

Extensive variants of equipment

  • Single or double door
  • Electrical or steam heating
  • Rotating baskets
  • 4 dosing pumps
  • Monitoring of pump pressure, temperature, conductivity etc.
  • High capacity drying system with ventilator and heating
  • Circulating pump with filter
  • Air filter class "S"
  • Barcode reader
  • Wide variety of baskets, customer specific manufacture

User-friendly control concept

  • Microprocess-control  
  • Interface for RS 232, SCADA
  • System for documentation of process data, IDMS monitoring
  • Data availability on printer, on network, on data mediums (Disc, CD, tape)

Useable dimensions


Hamo 200-G


Brochure Hamo 200-G (1 MB)