HAMO 210

Automatic Washer for Cleaning, Disinfecting and Drying

Wash chamber
HAMO-210     640/640/640 mm (25.20/25.20/25.20 inches)
HAMO-210 / 1000  640/1000/640 mm (25.20/39.37/25.20 inches)(W/H/D)



Execution of the wash chamber and tubing

  • HAMO use only best tested material
  • Chamber is fabricated in stainless steel 316L/1.4435 all other parts in 304L

Extensive variants of equipment

  • Single or double door machine, vertical sliding doors
  • Steam or electrical heating
  • Basket with ultrasonic
  • Monitoring of pump pressure, temperature, conductivity etc.
  • Wash load documentation
  • Use of hollow jets with contact coupler to the basket
  • High capacity HEPA filtered drying system
  • IPS-system or Barcode reader for automatic basket
  • Wide variety of baskets, customer specific manufacture identification
  • Extensive automation, conveyors etc.

User-friendly control concept

  • PC Sirius control based on Windows NT/2000 with Colour-Touch-screen
  • Remote diagnosis with Modem
  • Interface for RS 232, SCADA

Qualification of the machine including documentation

  • Standardised documentation for DQ, FAT, SAT, IQ and OQ
  • Customer specific modification incl. collaboration on qualification

Real-time process-documentation

  • System for documentation of process data, PDMS monitoring
  • System for real-time process data monitoring PDVS
  • Data availability on printer, on network, on data mediums (Disc, CD, tape)

Usable dimensions


640 mm / 25.20 inches


640 mm / 25.20 inches
1000 mm / 39.37 inches


640 mm / 25.20 inches



HAMO 210 HAMO 210 HAMO 210 HAMO 210 HAMO 210 HAMO 210 HAMO 210 HAMO 210 HAMO 210 HAMO 210


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